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Photo of Jon-Paul Keatley Current Situation:
I currently live in Hertfordshire and work for TalkTalk as a Software Engineer, developing mobile applications for their TV department. At the moment this role entails Android and JBoss development with the occasional use of ActionScript, JavaScript, and HTML. In the future my role may also require C, OpenGL ES, Objective C, and HTML 5. I am also soon to be married!

me 'at' jon-keatley 'dot' com

Further reading:
As a programmer it is important to continually expand and improve my knowledge base. To that end I have decided to keep a list of the books I have read, mainly as a way to keep an eye on my progress. Its worth noting that this list only includes books that I started reading from 2015 and on.

Currently reading:
Practical Unit Testing
Programming in Lua

The C Programming Language
The Agile Samurai
Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3